Best technology partner in the field of composites and windturbine blades


COMPOSITE LAB is a small and agile technology service provider dedicated to composites and windturbine blades. We deliver value adding sustainable engineering and consulting services supporting our client's business objectives.

We are passionate about technology and business and we always strive to deliver industry best solutions that really matter for our clients, society and environment.

With a mix of permanent employees and freelancers, we have the strength and flexibility to support each task the best possible way.


To be the best technology partner in the fields of composites and windturbine blades.

Value propositions include:

  • Engineering and consulting services dedicated to composites and windturbine blades
  • Decade’s worth of experience from the world’s leading wind energy company's
  • Successful track record
  • 3rd party independence
  • Agile and flexible services adjusted to client needs
  • Resource support, single task solving or turnkey solution
  • Hourly rates or fixed package price
  • Customer focused

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